Federated with the General Federation – March 1946
Illinois State Federation – May 1938
Eighteenth District Federation – April 1938


 Club Officers 2018-2020

President – Phyllis Nightlinger

Vice President – Bonnie Gilbert

Recording Secretary – Jeanne Shortz

Treasurer – Tracy Hageman

Corresponding Secretary – Mari Martin


Standing Committees

*Denotes Chairman

Membership – * Bonnie Gilbert

Publicity & History – *Barbara Biggerstaff

Telephone Committee – Barbara Biggerstaff, Diana Summers, Bonnie Gilbert

Ways & Means – *Tracy Hageman

Program – *Bonnie Gilbert

Scholarship – Jeanne Glasgow, Mari Martin


Conservation – Mary Toy

Divisions: Conservation, Gardens, and Beautification

Education – Jeanne Glasgow

Divisions: Continuing Education, Public Education

The Arts – Mari Martin

Divisions: Arts, Crafts and Contests; Federation Art; School and Scholarships; Literature and Drama; Music

Home Life – Jeanne Shortz

Divisions: Family Living, Home Management, Youth Welfare

International Outreach – Bonnie Gilbert

Public Issues- Phyllis Nightlinger

Divisions: Citizenship, Health Indian Affairs, Legislation, Motion Pictures, Radio and Television, National Defense and Veterans, Press Relations, Safety





Club Flower


Club Colors

Red and White